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Matt K.

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From my beginnings in classical piano studies at Sherwood Music School to my passionate affair with rock and roll, my journey in music has been incredibly fulfilling. Initially a pianist, I was captivated by the flute, influenced by Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, but it was the guitar, inspired by the genius of Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix, that truly resonated with me. In rock bands, I thrived on performing advanced guitar licks, crafting setlists with challenging pieces from Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, and a plethora of Led Zeppelin classics like “The Lemon Song,” “Moby Dick,” and “The Immigrant Song.”

A big part of my career has been studio work. As a “play for pay” guitarist, I’ve collaborated with various artists, greatly shaping my skills. This, along with playing in bands like Warehouse Ministries in Sacramento and at Capitol Christian Center’s events, broadened my experience.

Influenced by guitarists like Jimmy Page and Eddie Van Halen, I’ve developed my own style. Now, as the lead guitar instructor at Treble Life, I’m proud to lead a community of over 1,000 students. My teaching focuses on real-world performance skills, drawing from my studio and live playing experiences.